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San Diego Miramar College at Marble View, Kaibab National Forest

Miramar College - Geology 100
Face-to-face (Spring 2017)

CRN#: 86791 - 12:55 - 2:20 PM MW (Instructor: Gina Bochicchio)

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I don't want you to waste your money nor your time.
Tarbuck and Lutgens 12th edition

The E-text and MasteringGeology:
Earth, An Introduction to Physical Geology
Tarbuck, Lutgens & Tasa, 12th Edition, Prentice-Hall.
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-429916-7 (for the combined etext/Mastering access)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will use Modified MasteringGeology through Blackboard

DO NOT buy the Mastering code anywhere other than the Miramar Bookstore (NOT City or Mesa!) or through Blackboard!!!

See info below...

Text/Mastering OPTIONS:

  1. Buy the e-Book at the Miramar bookstore, with the Mastering Code ($85)
  2. buy the e-Book, with the Mastering Code through Blackboard ($85)
  3. buy, rent or borrow a used copy of Earth (11th edition is OK) online (usual places) and buy your code alone (about $46) through Blackboard
    Earth 12th edition (paper) ISBN-13: 978-0134074252
    Earth 11th edition (paper) ISBN-13: 978-0321814067

Bottom line: you MUST have MasteringGeology, purchased either from the Miramar College bookstore or through Blackboard
(for the text, you have options...)

MyLab & Mastering Resources

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Ugly Word, Even Uglier Deed!!!
(read the syllabus!)

Get the Adobe Acrobat file reader here (for PDF files)

Powerpoint Presentations (Flash, HTML5 & PDF versions) based on Earth 11th Edition, by Tarbuck & Lutgens

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Course intro
Course Introduction
Flash or HTML5

Summaries of each of the Tarbuck & Lutgens chapters, in haiku form
self-running PowerPoint

Check out my geology web site E-mail address:
philfarq AT Google's mail service
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